About Me

A lot can be said when describing any person, and its true that even that would not suffice, because we all are inexplicable. In our own subtle, different ways. You may want and choose to categorize someone as an introvert or extrovert, an optimist or a realist, and so on. The truth is, no one is ever sure. Absolutely sure, of who and what a person really is.

Just like the rest of us, I wear a lot of different masks everyday. I put on the one that suits the situation I am in, best. I carry all of them with me at all times, in an effort to be ‘normal’ and ‘accepted’ by this world. With that it mind, I am a writer, a singer, an actor, a trainer, a friend, a colleague; whoever and whatever this world needs me to be at any given point of time. The only time I am truly who I am, is when I am alone with my thoughts.

Who am I? I am everyone you have ever met, spoken to, heard of, and yet, none of them. I am a personality concocted by this world based on what it needs. I am a result of the choices I have made, and the consequences I have faced. I am what is so distinctly inexplicable, and hopefully unique, about us humans.

I am me.

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